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We're more than just dirt in a bag!

Here at BigYellowBag®, we’re in the business of making people happy. Whether it’s with our prosperous licensed partners, or our retail customers, ending every experience with a smile is what makes our brand so successful. We deliver Premium Black Garden Soil in a convenient 1 cubic yard bag. Everyone can get unrivaled soil quality when, where, and how they want it. You call.. we deliver.™ That’s the BigYellowBag® way…

  • • Over 1.1 MILLION Bags Sold
  • • Proven in over 100 Cities across North America
  • • 43 Licensed Territories (View Map)
  • • 5 Star Rating from over 19,000 online customer reviews
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What it takes...

BigYellowBag® can take your business to the next level, but it helps to start at the right place with the right resources.


What you need:


The following equipment is required to deliver BigYellowBags: Flat bed truck/trailer combinations and truck mounted forklifts. The rest of the equipment is minimal to start the BigYellowBag® program.


Some owners/managers have a passion to be fully involved with the business they are in. The soil business has a relatively short season which requires a passion and commitment from an entire organization to succeed.


The BigYellowBag® brand was built by the Schiedel family with the idea that “We are in the business of making people happy”. When this commitment to customers is instilled into the workings of the BigYellowBag® program it breeds success.

What we provide:

ECOMMERCE WEBSITE started in 2006 but was transformed into one of the first Garden Products Ecommerce sites in 2009. Since then, the site has steadily grown, with the majority of orders being placed directly on the site. With a full team of designers, developers and marketers constantly working on the site, we are always improving its functionality.


The magic of the BigYellowBag® program is to be able to bring a brand new concept/product into a market. Our team of experts have been bringing this idea to consumers across North America for over 25 years and are ready to work with you to bring BigYellowBag® to your territory.


How, When and Where are key factors while you are marketing or delivering BigYellowBags. Our logistics software is purpose built to handle all the details for BigYellowBags, and can accommodate anything else you may need to deliver. Implementation also available for your sod business.

The Brand

BigYellowBag is a strong, recognizable and leading brand that has an immediate impact on every community it becomes a part of. As popularity grows in your neighbourhood, BigYellowBags will start to show up on the streets and in driveways. Thanks to expertly crafted graphics, our bags stand out and people take notice. The bags become like small billboard advertisements for the brand.

The keys to our successful brand are consistent messaging, our promise of quality and the personality we provide at every touch point. Whether it’s on the phone, delivering bags, or behind the scenes emails and messages, BigYellowBag stands for quality, convenience & superior experience.

We’ve worked hard to cultivate a reputable brand in the communities we serve and to grow an impressive digital presence that will instill customer confidence in new, emerging markets.

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The CONSUMER is changing.

Shopping & BUYING habits have shifted.

Now more than ever, consumer behaviour is evolving – people are shying away from traditional stores and prefer the right ‘experience’. They want an immediate and responsive answer to their ‘search’.

The BigYellowBag® model is designed to evolve with this new consumer:

• is mobile-first, which means that it is 100% digital friendly & compatible
• BigYellowBag delivery is 100% contact-free – allowing for safe & efficient service to consumers 

Revolutionizing the way soil is delivered

In 1994 Richard Schiedel, founder of Greenhorizons Group of Farms, believed there had to be a better way to deliver bulk soil. He brainstormed and came up with the idea of marketing soil in large bags to homeowners. The implementation of his idea was left to his two sons, Ron and Steve. Together, they grew what was once an idea into a multi-million dollar venture and never looked back.

The BigYellowBag® holds a heaping cubic yard of rich, loamy soil, and is delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep. With convenience, quality, and customer satisfaction all packaged into one bag, it was no surprise that BigYellowBag® grew in popularity. BigYellowBag® made its first appearance in Southwestern Ontario, and has since spread across Canada and the U.S. BigYellowBag® is becoming a household name across North America, as the brand is able to successfully integrate into new markets.

Loading bag after bag of garden soil into a car, only to have to unload it again is time consuming and exhausting. Thanks to our easy ordering system, buying soil has never been easier. The customer orders and sets a delivery date, and the soil gets placed in the indicated delivery spot. Thanks to the unique bag design, there is no messy dirt pile left on the driveway, and there is no rush to spread the soil. The soil remains dry and ready-to-use until it is needed, making yard work or gardening convenient and enjoyable.

While BigYellowBag® is growing in popularity across North America, there are still territories available. We are looking for ambitious organizations to join our team and help further the availability of the BigYellowBag. Our Licensees have had great success integrating the brand into their local markets, and with the right tools and passion, your organization can also achieve great results! If you have the passion and are looking for an opportunity to expand your business, we would love to meet with you and discuss the opportunity to become a licensee!

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Support Team

Success for any business starts with the team, and the team behind the BigYellowBag brand is extremely well equipped to help you through each step of the process. We provide a proven framework that will ensure your success as a BigYellowBag Licensee. Each member of our team is involved in the planning, problem-solving and decision-making steps to better serve our BigYellowBag customers.

bw peter

Peter Rauwerda

Business Operations Specialist

Peter has been with BigYellowBag since the start and has played a key role in the acquisition of all our licensee partners. His vast experience and understanding behind creating and sustaining a BigYellowBag license is bar none. Peter also oversaw the development and design of and our logistics and order management software from idea to inception. His passion, knowledge and general understanding of the business makes him the perfect partner to walk you through the BigYellowBag licensee process.

bw marilyn

Marilyn Magwood

BigYellowBag Licensee Support

Previously a licensee herself in Alberta for 10 years, Marilyn now provides support to each licensee location across Canada and the United States for website & systems maintenance, strategy & execution, pricing, and so much more. Running BigYellowBag as part of an existing business definitely requires some balance and Marilyn’s years of experience doing both are incredibly invaluable in this role; she will be your go-to in the day-to-day running of your BigYellowBag business.

bw corina

Corina Lloyd

Marketing Manager

After joining BigYellowBag a year ago, Corina, along with her well-equipped support team, leads the overall execution of BigYellowBag Marketing and Advertising. The success of marketing behind BigYellowBag lay’s in developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans that work for each licensee area and market. With over 15 years in Media and Marketing, Corina’s focus is on developing strong marketing plans for each individual licensee that includes a combination of social media, digital, print and radio advertising based on individual budgets and needs.

bw mark

Mark Beaudry

Senior Graphic Designer

Mark is our resident in-house designer. With over three decades of experience incorporating techniques from the past and new design styles from today, Mark works to visually enhance the BigYellowBag brand through many different mediums such as websites, logos, brochures, and so much more. He continues to hone his creative abilities as the industry evolves with a strong desire to create visuals that are engaging and memorable to the BigYellowBag target audience.

bw cam

Cameron Schimoda

Digital Marketing Specialist

Cam joined the BigYellowBag team more than 5 years ago as a General Labourer and quickly transitioned into the Marketing team. His vast skills in digital advertising have been a huge asset to the team as he builds and manages both the Social Media and Email campaigns for all BigYellowBag Licensees. Cam is also our BigYellowBag Blog voice – with most articles being written or curated by him. Needless to say, Cam knows BigYellowBag through-and-through.

bwR= rachel

Rachel Anderson

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Working as a Customer Service Rep for more than 5 years, Rachel honed her knowledge of the BigYellowBag brand through order taking and being the voice behind our BigYellowBag online chat portal. She recently joined the Marketing Team as a Digital Marketing Coordinator and now also provides support on social media, managing google & website reviews and assisting on Marketing projects as a whole.

The Process

Becoming a BigYellowBag® Licensed Partner

Step 1: Simply let us know who you are

Let us know who you are, what business you currently operate and where you operate. Fill out our form provided here.

Step 2: Introductions

A phone conversation allows us to find out more about who you are and to confirm there is a good fit. Should the conversation go well, we will continue the process.

Step 3: Market Study

It's important to understand the competitive landscape and market conditions in the territory you are interested in. We’ll do an analysis of the area and in this step, you will complete a confidential qualification form and competitive survey analysis.

Step 4: Invitation to Visit

Let’s meet together at the original BigYellowBag® company, Greenhorizons Sod Farms. In 1992 BigYellowBag® was born in Southern Ontario, Canada. Come visit us at the original location and we can learn more about each other as you meet key executives and tour Greenhorizons Sod Farms. We highly encourage you to visit, however a phone/Zoom interview can be set up in special circumstances.

Step 5: Territory Reservation

Should things proceed you will then reserve the territory you are interested in developing for three weeks while we complete the necessary paperwork.

Step 6: Legalities

Our team will draft your licensee agreements for your review. Once completed, payments for license fees are due.

Step 7: Support & Set-Up

Now, your very capable support team will help get you up & running. We’re there to offer support on the system set-up, website updating, marketing ideas & strategies, and so much more. We will help you make the transition as seamless as possible.


Why BigYellowBag?

BigYellowBag® was North America’s first bagged soil delivery service. Since 1994, we have spread throughout the continent launching licensees from Kingston to California. Our extensive support team, state-of-the art software, and unparalleled marketing strategy are the flagstones of the BigYellowBag® Program.

I don’t know anything about soil. Is this still an opportunity worth pursuing for me?

As farmers, we have a passion for making things grow. Understanding soil is an essential part of our existing industry, but that is not necessarily the case for all potential BigYellowBag® licensees. We have amassed a great deal of soil knowledge over our 200 years of combined agricultural experience, and we are excited to share that knowledge.

What is my initial license fee and what other expenses can I expect?

BigYellowBag® diversifies an existing business making your initial investment very low. The licensee fee is $18,000. Other expenses will include a yearly marketing program, Soil and empty bags.

I already sell soil at my business. Will BigYellowBags conflict with what I currently do?

BigYellowBags can complement an existing Soil or Mulch business.

BigYellowBag isn’t well known in my area, how can I infiltrate the market?

BigYellowBag® was the first to market soil in 1 cubic yard bags in North America. Since then, we have sold BigYellowBags in over 100 cities. Teaching consumers what the product is, what to use it for and why they would want to buy them. Each of these cities started in the same way and a secret to the success is our diverse marketing team working with each Licensed Partner.

How big is each territory?

Each territory consists of an area in which there are potential bag sales of 10,000

How many territories make up a Licensed Area?

A licensed area contains a minimum of one territory, and the number of territories is limited to the delivery capabilities of the licensed partner.

Your Future Partners

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Ready to Dig In?



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